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Independence from manufacturers Integral approach Market overview and transparency Calculable development costs Experience spanning multiple industries Pool of knowledge in packaging sectors Rational project processing

We exclusively measure our success on the basis of whether the targets of our customers have ultimately been achieved. Have we improved product quality and profitability, have we eliminated weak points in your packaging lines, in your environmental concept or even in your entire process chain, have we reduced packaging costs, have we achieved more attention for the POS or simplified the handling of packaging for the users?

Our solutions are just as diverse as your requirements.

Packaging development


Creativity is also a craft. In order to develop innovations, you need ideas, many ideas. Brainstorming is presumably the best known of all creative techniques, but by far not the only one. Since the beginning, V+E has been developing innovative packaging solutions and rationalisation approaches with techniques that use imagination in order to generate elegant, efficient and profitable products. Experiences from more than two decades have allowed the consultants of V+E to become well-versed idea providers, who can quick provide sound approaches to solve the most demanding problems. The first brainstorming sessions usually take place in cooperation with the client in order to contribute these important experiences.


From the sketch to the prototype. Development processes are similar to an adventure. V+E has professional equipment and is familiar with many short-cuts in order to allow an idea, a sketch to become a reality together. On the basis of well-proven methods, we support clients and show them ways in which to also structure the development efficiently and in a results-orientated manner.


Always improve. The smallest changes can have the largest effect. V+E takes on challenges in accordance with this principle. The integrated approach is not just important for this, it is a requirement. Each component of a system and its interaction is analysed systematically and examined for economy and efficiency at the technical and commercial level. This results in proposals, right up to the concepts that can provide a crucial advantage in competition.


Finding optimisations is one thing, but implementing is something else entirely. Translating opportunities for savings into technical systems is the premier class of engineering and a speciality of V+E. Precise specifications, concrete requirement specifications and relevant line planning are particularly important in the packaging industry, in order to optimise processes and also maintain a high level.



Bag, carton, blister pack, tin. The list of packaging materials appears to be endless. The right choice of the packaging material can be crucial for the success or failure of packaging, but also offers opportunities for strong positioning on the market. Since 1993, V+E has put its special flair for combining and correctly using diverse packaging materials to the test. Many clients have already let themselves be inspired by unusual ideas and have celebrated successes. Economic comparisons and analyses from V+E often form the basis of new packaging ideas and innovative solutions, which have helped clients to achieve a special type of unique selling point.


Clock rates, set-up times, outputs and line layouts are only a few parameters that influence the packing process. The complex interaction between machines, interfaces and the right use of technologies and processes makes the packaging industry a demanding and exciting sector. But how does a process need to be designed in to satisfy the highest requirements for profitability, user friendliness, hygiene or safety, for example? Rationalisations on the basis of technical analyses help to design processes in an optimum manner right from the start.


The world of packaging is constantly fluctuating between standardisation and diversity. Over the years, products and items are being launched on the market, while others are being withdrawn. Databases fill up, processes slow down, productivity falls. Systematic, administrative and particularly organised spring cleaning, right down to the smallest detail, holds significant potential. V+E advises companies such as globally active corporations in the field of packaging and supports them with the purposeful omission of unnecessary ballast. Even with the set-up of a complex system, there are basic rules that should be followed. However, these must always been defined individually. In such a phase, V+E can provide consulting support with experience and prudence, without clients no longer finding their way around their company later on.



From the first stroke of a sketch right up to the first batch on the conveyor belt. Comprehensive and consistent consulting shortens project times, supports decisions and increases efficiency. The Engineering team of V+E supports new developments, conversions or rationalisation projects with quality and consistency. The planning and execution of entire projects or entering into measures that are under way offers clients the flexibility and security that they need in order to strengthen their position on the market through diverse and multidisciplinary experiences.


When is a robot better than a human? How can set-up times be minimised? Which technologies are available? The level of the degree of automation is a difficult decision. Investments depend on it and is decisive for flexibility and response times. Finding the right measure is not always easy. V+E offers its clients technical and commercial support in this field and jointly develops customised concepts.


V+E offers the preparation of technical performance specifications and accompanying project management during the design, construction and assembly phase, right up to plant acceptance testing and handover.

Sample and prototype engineering

The development process can still not be imagined without hand samples. No visualisation or animation can do what a sample can convey. The feel, dimensions and functions cannot be illustrated and experienced better than with a realistic and fully-developed prototype. Therefore, it is only logical that V+E maintains a fully-equipped technical centre. Here, sample packaging is created, processes for later series production are simulated and material and functional tests are performed. Adaptations and corrections are discussed on the real object and all of the departments involved in the decision-making process are also able to assess the quality of a packaging solution, even without detailed packaging know-how. Through prototype engineering, the V+E team remains hands-on with materials, machines and processes, which flows into the planning activity and leads to well thought-out, realistic results, which the clients can literally feel.

Packaging testing

Even the smallest changes to packaging can have the greatest impact. This is felt most clearly with the subject of product protection. Stresses during transport, handling or storage are often difficult to identify. The right dimensioning and selection of materials is therefore not always easy and in many cases, it requires tests in order to disclose weak points in a system. V+E's own testing systems simulate a wide range of various stresses and offer clients a quick and sound analysis of their packaging in consideration of standards and guidelines. V+E tests packaging in order to localise the protection or damage on the packaging and develop optimum countermeasures. Many clients have already been able to implement savings and avoid recourse claims in this way.